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Launch Video #3 Goes LIVE at Midnight! (email copy inside)

3d Wealth Discovery Header

The iPas 3d Wealth Discovery Video #3 Goes LIVE at Midnight!!

Only 2 days left until the BIG launch (Friday at Noon EST), so make
sure you follow the steps below and share these powerful videos with
your list so we can show them our new hybrid business model that’s
producing bigger and better results than anything else online, period.

This funnel was built to be in a league of its own, not just inside of the
Prosperity Team, but inside the entire home business niche. Launch
funnels, and the psychology behind them, are responsible for some
of the biggest and fastest incomes online.

So if you’re ready to take part in one of the most anticipated launch
funnels online, and if you’re ready to supercharge your results, this
funnel is an absolute must have in your arsenal.

Here’s where you can copy our swipe emails during the launch:

The 3D Wealth Discovery Launch Funnel takes people through a
time released, 5 day prelaunch series packed full of psychology and
money getting tactics. On day 6 – it’s go time, and your prospects are
presented a rare and unique opportunity with iPAS, with a very limited,
‘fear of loss’ time frame, to have them foaming at the mouth to sneak
in before we slam the door shut. When we do, for those who missed
out, you better believe they won’t let it slip by again when we send
out a second and final “last chance opportunity” a few days later.

You should be able to schedule the first 5 days of the launch inside
your email auto responder using the emails on the affiliate page.

You can also create a new list for the 3d Wealth Discovery capture
page using the campaign codes inside ‘Sales Funnel Setup’ here:

You can grab all your 3d Wealth Discovery links on this page:

If you want to put your footprint in a multimillion dollar launch and
catapult your income to dizzying new heights, this funnel will let you
become the guru and play with the big dogs. Results with iPAS have
been staggering, and this is one of the most effective and efficient
ways to promote the iPAS opportunity, generating more Empower
Network sales, putting more Success Kits in living rooms from coast
to coast, meeting the demand of millions, and creating more leads
for your PBA to upsell. (which are CRUSHING it, might we add!)

We’ll be sending out more updates and resources over the next
few days, so be on the lookout so you’re ready on Friday when we
make the final sales video live and thousands of people rush in!

Make it a great week!
Chris Campbell & Chris Jones